We're a group of surf explorers, with a mission to make forecasting personal.

Surfers know their surf spots best. You know what conditions work at what surf spots. And giving you complete control over our surf forecasts, means you can finally put that knowledge to use.

We have teamed up with pro surfers Oli Adams and Yannick de Jager for insights. With offshore weather agency Oceanweather for accurate global forecasts. And with da Surf Engine for an extensive public surfspot database.

Together, we’ve created Swell Navigator - a surf forecasting app that is much more personal, more locally relevant and has more accurate surf forecasts.

Our ambassadors

Yannick de Jager

Pro surfer, The Netherlands

Yannick started pro surfing at a super young age. He competed all around the world and now spends his time producing films and exploring novelty waves with his mates.

Oli Adams

Pro surfer, United Kingdom

Oli is a lover of all things surfing. He’s an English Open Champion and competed on the World Tour. He has a passion for finding new, unexplored and uncrowded waves in freezing cold water.

Our team

Our partners

Oceanweather inc.

Oceanweather is our wave, wind and tide forecast partner - all data we source comes through our own systems and interfaces.

Oceanweather have developed and run global wave, wind and tide models since 1983. They are known in the offshore industry to have the most accurate forecasts.

The company is run by surfers who love Swell Navigator.


Da Surf Engine

Da Surf Engine is our surf spot info partner. All data for surf spots comes from their personal surf spot database, built with extensive research.

Da Surf Engine’s app lets you find your perfect wave by selecting from over 21+ criteria at over 8,000 surf spots around the world.

The app saves time by finding the best surf spots just for you, based on your preferences!


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