surf forecasting.

We believe surf forecasting should be personal. You know your spots best and you know what conditions you prefer. So we've built a surf forecasting app that gives surfers complete control.

Create a personal surfmap

  • Create spots at any location in the world
  • Add unlimited spots to your map

Discover surfspots all around the world

  • Get access to 5000+ spots by da Surf Engine
  • Add public spots to your personal spot lists

Set the conditions you prefer

  • Wind, tide, swell: everything is customizable
  • Set the basic parameters, or get real nerdy about it

Get surf alerts when it’s on

  • Set alerts for your spots and conditions
  • Set alerts for specifice days in the week

Create and share surflists

  • Organise your surf spots in customizable lists
  • Keep them to yourself or share them with friends