surf forecasting.

We believe surf forecasting should be personal. You know your spots best and you know what conditions you prefer. So we've built a surf forecasting app that gives surfers complete control.

Create your personal surfmap

Get forecasts for your private surfspots, wherever they are.

  • Create private spots at any location in the world
  • Add unlimited spots to your map

Set the conditions you prefer

You know your spots best, so you can set the conditions you prefer.

  • Wind, tide, swell: everything is customizable
  • Set the basic parameters, or get real nerdy about it

Get surf alerts when it’s on

With custom surf alerts, there’s no reason miss out on a single great session.

  • Set an alert for your spots, based on your ideal conditions
  • Set a general alert, or specify the days in the week you’ve got time to head out

Create and share surflists

Divide your spots into lists for countries, type of surf or for sharing with your buddies.

  • Easily organize your surf spots and your predictions in as many lists as you like
  • Share a list with your friends, or keep them all to yourself