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Surf forecasting. Designed for the Search.

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Create your personal surf map

Add custom surf spots in your country, or prepare for a trip by adding the best spots in the country you’re about to visit. Share surf lists with your friends, but only if you want to.

Add ideal conditions at your surf spots

Set the condition you like at those specific spots and Swell Navigator will tell you exactly when it’s on at which location.

The most accurate forecast data available.

Analyse detailed forecasts with confidence, thanks to our offshore weather partner Oceanweather. They offer you the most accurate wind, wave, and tide predictions available.

Plan for the week ahead.

You can build your personal surf spot database and organize surf spots in custom surf lists. Use our spot comparisons to make the call easy.

Epic waves – guaranteed!

About us:

We're a group of passionate surf explorers and friends, working on the first surf forecasting app that understands the search.

To make sure surfers can be 100% confident when they decide when and where to explore epic waves, we:

Make surf forecasting personal using the latest technology.

Increase surf forecast quality using more accurate wind and wave models.

Meet the team:

Valentijn van Gastel

The Founder

Filip Reese

Mr. Product

Auke Akkerman

The Designer

Rob Hoefakker

The Developer

Lex Noteboom

The Marketeer

Yannick de Jager

Mr. Content

Duco Flint

Social Media

Our ambassadors:

Marlon Lipke

Portugal & Germany

Oli Adams

United Kingdom

Our partnerships:


New York, USA

Oceanweather is our wave, wind and tide forecast partner - all data we source comes through our own systems and interfaces.

Oceanweather have developed and run global wave, wind and tide models since 1983. They are known in the offshore industry to have the most accurate forecasts.

The company is run by surfers who love Swell Navigator.

da Surf Engine

San Diego, USA

Da Surf Engine is our surf spot info partner. All data for surf spots comes from their personal surf spot database, built with extensive research.

Da Surf Engine’s app lets you find your perfect wave by selecting from over 21+ criteria at over 8,000 surf spots around the world.

The app saves time by finding the best surf spots just for you, based on your preferences!

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